Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Claire: the Lost Fae" by Aithne Jarretta (Paranormal Romance)

Genre:  Contemporary Paranormal Romance

Summary:  Solitary CLAIRE BRINAWELL moves from place to place chased by the forces of darkness. Even in slumber when dreaming usually fills the mind and soul with beauty, a hateful hound from Hades finds his way in with deadly intentions. Claire isn't safe anywhere.

LEESON, Worthy Prince of Baderon in Annwn, lives Earthside of the magical Annwn veil. He has been sent to find Claire. Leeson arrives at a pivotal moment and confronts two Hounds of Hades in a battle over Claire.

Triumphant in his first skirmish with the darkside, they must return to San Francisco's sacred pyramid. Leeson discovers Claire has a mind of her own. His stubbornness meets Claire's feisty determination. Will they unite in purpose and free Claire of her daemons?


Claire tilted her head and stared up into blackness. An odd sensation gripped her throat. She fought through the fear, and finally squeaked, "And exactly what destination is that?"

"Up the rungs and through a stone on your left."

"Wonder if I believe that one." She started climbing. "Heights," she muttered. If there was anything she truly didn't like, it was being high in the air. Give her the ground under her feet. A car or even a train was her idea of perfect traveling.

Claire climbed. Magical lights on either side of them lit the earthly shaft with just enough glow to see their direction.

Higher and higher up through the earth they journeyed.

After what seemed like fifty rungs, she stopped and looked down. "Whoa!"

Leeson's wand, stuck from a loop on the back of his long coat. The tip lit the shaft.

Seeing how far they had climbed sent spikes of fear through all five senses. Her knees went weak.

She gripped the rung in front of her and took several breaths. The smell of earth soothed frazzled nerves.

Claire couldn't help but think of the old well behind the convent. There had been a legend about a young boy surviving a fall into the wet depths.

Claire shivered as the memory passed through her thoughts.

"Nice view, isn't it?" Leeson's voice came up to her edged with laughter.

"You better not mean my butt!"

"Now that you mention it..."

She shoved her right foot downward. The only thing her foot found was empty air. Embarrassment made her flinch. The worn leather sole of her left boot slipped off the ladder rung.

"Ahhh!" Heart pounding, Claire realized her fingers were slipping. She kicked empty air. Fingers seeking something to grip scratched at the walls.



Strong arms surrounded her.

Claire gasped and sputtered. Masculine scent filled her lungs. Words eluded while supercharged heat raced through her veins. The fabric of his coat was suddenly the dearest lifeline.

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