Monday, June 11, 2012

"Reunited" by Gabriella Mahoney (Western Romance)

Genre:  Western Romance

Summary:  With her husband seven months overdue from his trip, Jessica Carver is left to imagine the worst. Alone on her ranch, she is forced to put up with the unwanted advances of a man with less than honorable intentions. 

Fortunately, Ethan Carver is not as far away as Jessica might think and is ready to reclaim his wife with a steamy reunion.

This short, sexy western romance is approximately 3,000 words long.


Ethan Carver melted back into the cover of the trees so as to remain unseen by Steven Thompson as he rode back toward town.

That bastard, Ethan silently raged to himself. Who does he think he is? Making a move on his woman while he was gone.

Of course, Ethan was sensible enough to realize that he had no one but himself to blame for all of this. If his foreman hadn’t turned on him during the cattle drive and stripped him of everything he owned it wouldn’t have taken him nearly so long to get back. He should have chosen his hired help more carefully.

The thought of returning to Jessica had been all that had kept him going at times. The memory of her laughing or the look of blissful oblivion on her face as he sunk into her was all he had needed to stay warm on those miserable nights out in the wild with not a shred of dignity left.

Up until he was about ten miles from home he had been eagerly anticipating seeing his wife again. Then it suddenly struck Ethan how long he had really been gone. Nine months was a long time for a woman to be alone in these parts. Especially when the woman thought her husband was dead or, worse, had left her.

Jessica could have remarried by now. Lord knows that she deserved someone better than he to protect and provide for her.

Unable to shake these thoughts for his head, Ethan had decided to observe Jessica undetected before just barging back into her life. If she had remarried he swore to himself that he would do the honorable thing and stay away from her. But he made no promises about not smashing in the face of her new husband.

The exchange between his wife and Steven Thompson had been all affirmation he needed. Jessica was still his. And it was high time that someone reminded Steven of the fact.

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