Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Healing Touch" by Gabriella Mahoney (Historical Romance)

Genre:  Historical Romance

Summary:  Albert Halton is young, ambitious doctor with a promising career ahead of him. A man in his position cannot afford distractions and when he marries it will be to a demure woman that has no problem living in the shadow of her husband's work. 

Which is why his future wife will certainly be nothing like Tessa Alcott. The outspoken spinster is far too blunt and has an unfashionable taste for her own independence. Such a woman couldn't possibly be good for him... could she?


Tessa rolled her eyes and looked at Albert, desperate for any kind of support. Albert felt his breath hitch as their gazes locked. His first impression of Miss Theresa Alcott was a pretty but unrefined creature. Stray locks of curly brown hair slipped out from her white cap and her simple gown was clean but faded. A love of books and a mind of her own had probably sealed her fate as a spinster. Most men were not comfortable with intelligent wives that might question their stupid decisions. Indeed Albert had always imagined that when he married it would be to a nice, quiet sort. The type that would run his house smoothly and keep their children out of his way so he could devote most of his time to his research and career.

But when she looked at him… his heart leapt in recognition. They had only met minutes ago and yet it was as if she was an old friend he hadn’t seen in years. He knew exactly what she was thinking. He shared her same exasperated frustration with the world they lived in. Being full of ideas that no one wanted to listen to or, if they did, lacked the ability to understand those ideas. At that moment he realized she wasn’t bad-tempered or hysterical. She was bored. Trapped as a woman in a culture that felt females should have no interests other than getting married.

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