Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Stolen Away" by Gabriella Mahoney (Historical Romance)

Genre:  Historical Romance

Summary:  Amelia Manning refuses to follow her family's wishes by getting into yet another loveless marriage. The death of her husband has left her a wealthy widow and she intends to experience more in life than just a drawing room.

Bound for the Americas, her ship gets hijacked by the dashing privateer, Christopher Barrett. Amelia may finally get her chance to experience all the passion her marriage of convenience had been missing...

This short, sexy high seas adventure is approximately 5,000 words long.


“Oh dear!” Amelia exclaimed as the candlestick holder slipped from her grasp. She had no idea striking him on the head would be quite so effective. She looked at the two flabbergasted crewmembers, “do you think I killed him?”

“Bloody hell!” one of them exclaimed in disbelief. “Did you see that woman put out the captain’s lights?”

“Did I kill him?”

“I should say, not,” the second crewman said. “But his head won’t be feeling the same size come morning.”

Amelia’s victim stirred on the floor and groaned. “Wha—what happened?”

He sat up, rubbing his bruised skull. Their eyes locked for a long moment and Amelia became away of a strange stirring of heat coiling in her belly.

The captain broke their gaze and turned his attention to the two men behind her. “Put this woman in my quarters. I’ll deal with her there.”

The unfamiliar but pleasant sensation that has been growing inside of her was quickly squashed as one of the men picked her up and tossed her over the shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

She considered screaming and kicking as she was carried across a plank that had been placed between her own vessel and a neighboring ship. But seeing as how her ship was sinking and the decided lack of potential rescuers surrounding her, she decided to save her strength.

She was thrown unceremoniously onto a bed in what she assumed to be the captain’s quarters.

“You’ll stay here, miss. Captain will be with you shortly.” The crewman left the room with a chuckle.

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