Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Journey Home" by Gabriella Mahoney (Historical Romance)

Genre:  Historical (Highlander) Romance

Summary:  After a mere two months of marriage, Fia MacAllan was forced to say goodbye to her husband so that he could lead an attack on the hated Campbell clan. If victorious, the raids on MacAllan could finally come to an end and the clan would prosper.

But after seven long months, Fia fears that she may have become an early widow and will never again be intimate with her husband...

This short, steamy romance is approximately 3,000 words long.


Fia arose with the sun, as was her habit. The mornings were when she missed Ronan the most. She had plenty of quilts to fight back the draft but it didn’t compare with having her husband there to sleepily pull her in close to his body.

Though she had gone to bed early, she got up wearily. Her maid knocked softly and helped her to wash and get dressed. Tying her apron securing about her waist, she prepared herself for another day of hard chores. It was an old Scot tradition that everyone must do his or her share of the work if a castle is to run smoothly.

Fia had to speak with the cooks about their food stores for the winter. The morning air had a bite to it as she walked across the courtyard to the kitchens. With a shiver she hoped Ronan did not have to fight through the dead of winter. The cold could easily claim more souls than war.

A signal from one of the watchtowers interrupted her reverie. Fia’s heart stopped. Had Ronan returned? Was it an invasion? Cheers from the wall guards assured her that whoever approached as a friend and not a foe.

“The soldiers return!” a watchman hollered out.

His announcement brought the entire castle to life. Everyone had stopped what they were doing. Woman rushed out to be reunited with their husbands.

Fia felt her breath catch. How many of them would be reduced to sorrow? Would she too be one of the young widows?

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