Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Beckoning Spirit" by Stacey Coverstone (Paranormal Romance)

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Summary:  Following a year of one disappointing turn after another, Devin Fuller has been dreaming for weeks of a mysterious woman in white beckoning to her from atop the island lighthouse. On the anniversary of her grandma's death, Devin feels a supernatural push to visit Grandma’s grave on Monhegan Island. However, the last ferry has been cancelled due to an approaching storm. In steps local Maine fisherman, Kipp Sullivan, who offers to ferry her across the bay. Although they’ve never met, both feel an immediate connection the moment they look into each other’s eyes, as if they’ve always known each other. When their hands touch, an electrical charge jumps between them, and time and space blend.

Once they cross the storm-tossed sea and reach the island, Devin has an eerie encounter with ghosts, and she and Kipp become acutely aware of the strange coincidences piling up around them. The lighthouse, an old oil painting, and spirits from beyond the grave appear to be pieces of a puzzle meant to bring the couple together. But do they believe in reincarnation? And if so, can the mistakes of the past lead to happily ever after in the present?


Devin lifted her head as a sudden cold gale carried an eerie whistle upon the wind. As though she were a puppet on a string, her neck rotated toward the abandoned lighthouse. The light was on in the tower.

How could the light be on? She knew the light hadn’t worked in years.

Stumbling to her feet, she dashed between the maze of headstones and out the cemetery gate. In the manner of a typical island storm, the wind and rain blew into a frenzy within moments. She jerked off her sandals and ran barefoot to the base of the lighthouse. Shaking from sudden exposure, she stared up at the small oval window fifty feet above. A jagged bolt of lightning sliced through the darkened sky, and in one sharp instant, Devin saw her. The woman stood at the window, her shadowy face staring down. Rain slashed at the glass, and the small window rattled wildly in its ancient casing, caught in the fury of the burgeoning storm. With a blink of her eye, the vision was gone.

Her fist flew to her mouth. Had she really seen someone? Or was her imagination playing tricks? Thunder boomed and another jagged flash lit up the sky, illuminating the window again. The figure was still there! The woman’s long auburn hair lay curled around her shoulders, and the wide lace collar of her white dress accentuated the slender arch of her neck.

Devin stood trancelike as the ghostly shape of a man magically appeared at the woman’s side. He placed a spectral arm around her waist. His hair was dark and he wore an odd-looking shirt with a ruffle down the front. His face, like hers, was cast in long shadows. An icy thread wound its way up Devin’s spine when he tenderly took the woman’s chin between his fingers and brushed his lips against hers.

Another clap of thunder wrenched Devin from her trance. She jumped and blinked, and the two smoky shapes dissipated into thin air.
“No! Come back!” she shouted.

She pounded her fist upon the small lighthouse door. It was padlocked. “Open up!” she called desperately into the wind. She pounded again, and the lock magically broke apart and the chain thudded to the ground. With her mouth open in shock, she flung the door open and planted one foot on the bottom step of the old wooden stairs. Her gaze lifted at the exact moment the two phantoms glided down the staircase, hand in hand.

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