Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Her Island Fantasy" by Emma Jay (Erotic Romance)

Genre:  Erotic Romance

Summary:  Bailey Warwick has had a crush on Ian Viera for months, but he was involved in a longterm relationship. But now he’s free, and the two of them will be spending time together in Hawaii for his brother’s wedding to her best friend. Add to that, since her weight loss, she’s realized if she sets her mind to something, she can have what she wants. And she wants Ian Viera. Will she have the courage to go after him? And if she wins him, will she have the courage to keep him?


“So. Hula dancing. That was unexpected.”

She laughed, a pretty husky sound that carried through the night. “We took lessons last time so Haven could surprise Eric.”

“I think it’s clear he was pleasantly surprised.”

She stopped at the edge of the beach and kicked off her shoes, then bent to pick them up. When she straightened, he took the sandals from her, hooking the fingers through the straps at the back. The smile she gave him punched him right in the gut, and before she stepped in the sand, he moved forward, hooked his hand behind her hair and lowered his mouth to hers.

If he thought the smile hit him in the gut, the kiss hit him lower, the softness of her lips, the innocent way she parted her lips for him, at odds with the seductress he’d seen on stage. He stroked his fingertips across her cheek, wanting so much to pull her close and take the kiss deeper, at the same time savoring the sweetness of it.

The sweetness that just underscored why this shouldn’t happen.

Shouldn’t. Not wouldn’t.

She shifted, just a bit, resting her hand against his chest, angling her head, inviting him deeper. He wanted to accept that invitation. Instead, he broke the kiss, closed his hand around hers on his chest, and led her to the beach.

She didn’t say anything, and her head was bent so her hair hid her face. Great, something else to fuel his fantasies, her hair curtaining them as they made love.

They walked to the edge of the water until the waves lapped at their toes. They weren’t the only people on the beach, which was lit by torches spaced along the beach. She dug her toes into the wet sand and he’d never seen anything more adorable.

“So you want to give me a demonstration?”

“Of what? The hula?”

He eased closer, his fingers itching to touch the warm skin between her blouse and low-rise cargos. “Yeah, it looked like more than just circling your hips.”

She hesitated, then lifted her arms over her head, her wrists crossed—his eyes crossed as that brought another fantasy to mind—and slowly started to sway, her hips undulating. Her shirt rode up, baring that strip of skin, holy shit, and it was all he could do not to drop to his knees to run his lips over it.

“It’s more a figure eight. Did you ever do a hula hoop?”

“Not well.”

She moved behind him and rested her hands on his hips. Both of them stood still for a moment, absorbing, and he heard her breath catch. Then she pressed his right hip, guiding him in the movement, right, left, right. He got the pattern long before he let on, liking the feel of her hands on him, wanting them to slide forward or back.

“Got it?” she asked, a little breathless as she released him and stepped beside him.

He demonstrated with exaggerated movements, making her laugh. She moved and he matched her so they were doing the hula side by side on the beach while the waves rolled over their feet. She sped up the tempo, which he couldn’t match, only watch the graceful movement, the shimmy of her breasts beneath the top, and he caught her hips and drew her against him.

“Eric and Haven might be at it all night.”

“They might be,” she said, her breath gusting against his throat.

“You could possibly stay with Joslyn,” he said.

“I could.”

“Or…with me.”
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