Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Ravishing Rose" by Andie Prime (Contemporary Romance)

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Summary:  One shy girl is about to start living!

Francesca Ellison is swept off to an A-list party in a concealing mask, a decadent costume and sex-shop panties. There she meets the pirate, Captain Cool. Frankie tells him her name is Rose because for once she intends behaving very badly. The Captain outdoes her at every turn.

As sky-rockets scream skyward and guests start to demolish the party venue, Frankie loses her panties and her inhibitions. ‘Rose’ is thoroughly ravished, and the Captain gets more (and less) than he hoped for.

This naughty novella is around fifty pages long - just right for a quick bedtime read.


Inside it was brighter, and a great deal noisier. Dozens of expensively perfumed people thronged the imposing central lobby, champagne flutes twinkling, voices raised above the music from a string quartet in an adjacent room. Everyone wore masks, and Frankie’s eyes roved with delight over the variety of disguises and costumes.

She smoothed down the short front of her skirt, conscious of what hid behind the handful of gauzy gold petals. Well, she was finally free—and if her new life included sex-shop panties, then so be it.

Mike handed their tickets to a half-naked angel with spectacular feathered wings.

“Welcome, Michael,” the angel boomed. “And—”

“Rose,” Frankie said quickly. “I’m not the wife, I’m the sister.”

“Bella’s come down with the ‘flu,” Mike explained to the angel. “So in place of my wife, I’ve brought...Rose.” He raised an eyebrow at Frankie and winked.

“Welcome, Rose,” the angel said.

“Welcome, Rose,” a huskier voice repeated right beside her ear, and under Frankie’s fake black ringlets the tiny blonde hairs rose up on her nape.

“Your host, Captain Cool,” the angel announced.

Captain Cool? What kind of stupid name is that?

An ideal name she decided when she turned to inspect the owner of the devastating voice. He stood much too close and he wore pirate’s garb. A gold-braided black jacket. Skin-tight white breeches which she was sure would leave very little to her imagination if only she could get a decent look at them. Black boots and a three-cornered hat. Far too much sexy stubble. And a strip of green cloth tied across his face like a blindfold. From the eye-holes, dark pupils inspected her with blatant appreciation. His grin stretched wide and wicked.

Frankie drew a deep breath. All of a sudden there wasn’t enough oxygen in the room.

Her breasts rose.

His eyes dropped.

Her nipples peaked in a sudden squirming shiver.

She thanked the costume gods for thick violet velvet and hoped the Captain couldn’t detect what lurked so dangerously close to the edge of her laced-up bodice.

She released her breath and felt the small delicious friction as her breasts subsided against the plushy pile.

“Welcome indeed, Rose.”
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